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Buddhist Statement on Climate Change during this G20 week
Wednesday, 12 November 2014 10:39
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Whenever world leaders gather, such as is happening now for the G20 conference in Brisbane; there is a potential for great good and benefit for the world and all its inhabitants. Even as economic matters are discussed there is the opportunity to take united action against climate change and environmental damage. This being the case we are pleased to release our statement on Climate Change today in this way:

"Buddhist practice teaches that one individual's existence is intimately connected with the lives of all other life-forms.  This extends to the fish in the deep blue sea, animals, birds, insects and all of the plants. We note that the Buddha was born in a forest, attained full awakening in one and passed away in the forest. The Buddhist teachings and life stories instil in Buddhists the wholesome intention to treat nature as our friend and teacher, so all creatures on our planet can live in harmony.

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The Passing of a Giant of Australian Buddhism - Ven. Santitittho Mahathera
Friday, 12 September 2014 11:20
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Sudden Moments Of Timeless Knowing
After dawn slowly but tenderly light reveals itself as vast open blue sky.
Looking into that presence forgetting that which looks at the boundless openness.
Not a single form or trace arises in mind.
Just the sunlight of an unclaimed knowing appears spontaneously.
Deep within the heart shines the moonlight,
Illuminating the whole being that is within the centre of mind
amazingly empty, without fear and measure.
Abundantly pure is this presence is a light mutually merging
and embracing the timeless Now.
Suddenly moments of seeing the abundance of white light
naturally abiding profoundly open and clear.
Resting completely here in that which is
Simply just that unnamed suchness.
Bhante Santitthito Mahathera, Wat Buddhalavarn,

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Passing away of Phra Ajahn Santitthito
Sunday, 31 August 2014 10:43
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We regret to inform all of the passing away of perhaps Australia's most elderly western monk, Bhante ( Phra Ajahn) Santitthito on 29th Aug 2014 at 4:40am at the age of 74 years. Originally from Germany (Ronald Wagner), Bhante has made significant contribution to the growth of Buddhism in Australia, bringing the Buddha Dhamma to the English speaking Australian community. He was Deputy Abbot and Vice-President of Wat Buddhalavarn at Weddrburn, NSW, Australia.

Bhante was a member of the Australian Sangha Association. He was a kind and thoughtful monk, and the Sangha will be poorer due to his passing.

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