President's Report 2013
Monday, 28 October 2013 14:17
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Mr Kim HollowThe FABC's Annual General Meeting was held on 27 Oct 2013. Mr Kim Hollow has been re-elected the president.

President Kim Hollow's Report is as follows:

Presidents Annual Report – 1st July 2012 to 30th June 2013

It is again my pleasure to provide details of the Federation of Australian Buddhist Council’s (FABC) activities over the past twelve months.

Our elected committee includes two delegates from each mainland state. Individuals are nominated to represent their respective state Buddhist Council interests, on the FABC. Our ongoing engagement with our spiritual leaders from the Australian Sangha Association, (ASA) remains a vital part of our ability to properly function and achieve our goals within the community.

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Congratulations to PM elect
Tuesday, 10 September 2013 20:59
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On the occasion of the electoral victory of the Liberal Party, FABC President Kim Hollow has written the following letter of congratulations and good wishes to Mr Tony Abbott the Prime Minister Elect:

On behalf of our Management Committee, I congratulate you and your team on achieving the majority of seats in the Lower House, to facilate  formation of our next Australian Federal Government.

We greatly appreciated the letter of greetings you sent to the 575,000 Australian Buddhist practitioners, for our May 2013 celebrations of Vesak.

I extend an open invitation to you to visit one of our many Buddhist Temples, following your confirmation as our next Prime Minister of Australia.
This gesture would mean a great deal to our diverse community, as no Australian Prime Minister has ever officially visited a Buddhist Temple or Monastery within Australia.
In conclusion, we sincerely wish you and your Ministers strength, compassion and wisdom, to deal with the many challenges facing your team in the years ahead.

Yours faithfully,
Kim Hollow.

Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils Inc.

10 Sep 2013

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Mahabodhi Temple bombing
Sunday, 14 July 2013 18:57
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The Australian Buddhist community has been saddened and alarmed to hear of the bombing on 7th July 2013 at the Mahabodhi temple in Bihar, India. We hope those injured by the blasts are receiving the best medical care and support and will recover soon.

We hope the Indian governments will catch the perpetrators to reduce the risk of similar acts in future and also take action to ensure these significant Buddhist sites which are India’s national treasures are suitably protected. These sites are also places of veneration to Buddhists all over the world and must be preserved for posterity. Buddhist pilgrims should be able to continue visiting these sites safely and without fear.

At this time we also wish to express our support for handing the management of the temple back to the Buddhist community of India. This will be a major step towards re-establishing India as a genuine centre of Buddhism in the world.

- Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils

(Copies of this statement has been emailed to PM and FM of India, Chief Minister and Governor of Bihar)


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