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Buddhist Festival Month 2010
Monday, 26 April 2010 00:02
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The Buddhist Festival Month is intended as a celebration in May for Buddhist ceremonies and festivities and a way of bringing the Buddhist community closer together, recognising that all Buddhist groups and traditions share the same core teachings. At the same time, it is also intended to be an invitation to the general public to come and explore the Buddha’s teachings and how it can be incorporated into one’s lifestyle. The main events during the Buddhist Festival Month would include the traditional Vesak and Buddha’s birthday events, but also, for the first time, a Buddhist Expo, the Mitra Conference and a Buddhist Film Festival.

The Buddhist Expo will be the flagship event of the Buddhist Festival Month and will be held on the first weekend of May. It will be open to the general public and provide an opportunity for anyone wanting to know more about Buddhism to experience it for themselves. The emphasis would be on informing, experiencing and participating in the application of Buddhist teachings to everyday life. 









To launch the Buddhist Festival Month we will have an Opening Ceremony which will probably include a combination of Buddhist chanting, meditation and short speeches on an appropriate theme.

In 2010, the Mitra Conference will run alongside the Buddhist Expo on the first weekend in May. It will continue to have a full conference program with a range of the best international and local speakers and topics. Running it in parallel with the Expo gives those interested an opportunity for deeper involvement and exploration into Buddhism.

Buddhist Film Festival – An opportunity to showcase to the general public a range of top quality films with Buddhist themes.

Education Day – While the expo is still set up, we will run an Education Day on the Monday after the Conference/Expo weekend. Schools that teach Buddhism in Studies of Religion or other school subjects can book a timeslot for class excursions. Students can fill in question sheets which can be answered with reference to the educational Expo displays.

The Buddhist Council of NSW is underwriting these Buddhist Festival Month events. We have engaged the services of a professional event manager and we will be committing a bigger budget for venue and marketing than in previous years. We invite interested people to volunteer for the various teams which will be planning, preparing and running the activities in Buddhist Festival Month in May 2010.

Volunteering – We have lots of room for more volunteers, so if you are interested, download the brochure below and send an e-mail to Jacqueline Yetzotis – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it