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Western Australia

The BCWA was formed in 1995 to serve as a peak body to represent the Buddhist community at government level and national levels... website

South Australia

Buddhist Council of
South Australia

The BCSA was incorporated on the 25th October 2005 to serve as the representative organisation for Buddhist temples, groups and organisations in South Australia... website


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The BCQ, which was created in 1999, has brought a large number of Buddhist centres and societies together, for their common benefit... website

New South Wales

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New South Wales

On the instigation of the World Fellowship of Buddhists, a meeting was held in 1984 in Sydney to establish a regional branch and thus form the Buddhist Council of NSW... website


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The Buddhist Council of Victoria, formed in 1995, is an actively engaged body representing the needs of Buddhists to all levels of government in the state of Victoria... website

Prime Minister's Vesak Day Message 2015
Friday, 22 May 2015 12:44

I am pleased to provide this message on the occasion of Vesak.

Celebrating the birth, enlightenment and passing of Sakyamuni Buddha, this is an important time for the Buddhist community to come together in fellowship, and for the broader community to deepen their appreciation of Buddhist culture.

The Buddhist community, in all its diversity, has become an integral part of the Australian story.

Buddhism is Australia’s second-most practiced religion. For many, it provides meaning, purpose and inspiration to their daily lives.

The five precepts of Buddhism: don’t kill, don’t steal, avoid dishonourable conduct, don’t lie, and don’t over-indulge, stand as a universal code of conduct that all people regardless of our religion or culture should strive towards.

At this time, we celebrate the contribution that the Buddhist community makes to Australia. I acknowledge your commitment to respect, compassion and understanding as taught by Buddha.

I send my best wishes to everyone attending this celebration.


The Hon Tony Abbott MP Prime Minister of Australia

26 May 2015


download the message for display at your Buddhist center here

The passing of Graeme Lyall on Vesak Day 2015
Tuesday, 05 May 2015 17:43

The FABC Committee has learned with great sadness from the Buddhist Council of NSW that Graeme Lyall passed away on Sunday 3rd May 2015, aged 83. Graeme was the founding Chair of the Buddhist Council of NSW in 1985. Even after his retirement in 2006, he continued his active service to Buddhism and the Australian community.  

"Graeme represented Australian Buddhism for more than six decades and was a pioneer of Buddhism in Australia", noted the current chair of the Buddhist Council, Brian White.  "Graeme Lyall will be missed by the many Buddhist groups he assisted, the many hundreds of prison inmates he helped, and his loss will be felt across the Buddhist world" I personally learned so much from Graeme and will miss his inspiration and his sense of humour."
Graeme Lyall was lucid and clear thinking right up until his peaceful passing in Royal North Shore Hospital surrounded by family and friends, on this very auspicious Vesak full-moon day.

The FABC Committee acknowledges the great contributions by Graeme Lyall to the establishment of the Buddha Dharma in Australia over many decades, and note that even in his death he has shared the Dhamma with all who will listen.

About the FABC
Sunday, 06 March 2011 19:54

The Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils is the peak body representing Buddhism in Australia.

The combined membership of the five state Buddhist councils represents more than 200 Buddhist temples and organisations nationwide, their members include the majority of more than 400,000 Australian Buddhists.

The FABC works closely with the Australian Sangha Association (the peak body representing ordained Buddhist Australians) developing and promoting Buddhism in Australia and work in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding between our two organisations.

The current FABC President is Mr Kim Hollow (pictured) of the Buddhist Council of Queensland. He is a fourth generation Australian and has been President since 2009.

FABC Mission Statement:

To provide national representation of the Buddhist community to the Australian Government, media, inter-faith groups, and the public, in accordance with the Buddha's teachings
To support the Australian Buddhist community through state and territory Buddhist Councils
To promote the understanding and practice of the Buddha's teachings in Australia
To represent the Australian Buddhist community in working constructively with overseas Buddhist groups

The FABC Management Committee comprises two delegates from each state Buddhist Council and is structured as follows:

FABC Role Name State Council
State Council Portfolio
President Mr Kim Hollow BCQ


Ms Myly Nguyen VIC Board Member
Treasurer Mr Benjamin Webster
NSW Board Member
Hon. Secretary Dr Jake Mitra BCWA Secretary
Members: Ms Anna Markey SABC
Mr Brian White NSW
Rev George Gatenby
SABC Chair
Mr Jim Ferguson QLD Member

Honorary VP Dr Mohini Gunesekara
Email: please click here
Address: Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils
PO BOX 6479
Footscray West, VICTORIA 3012
ABN: 65 862 613 089